Travelling for business?

Booking your next business trip? Do you feel like you're always on the move and never get any work done while you’re travelling? Would you like to use the breaks in the conference you’re attending efficiently, prepare for your presentation and work in peace?

Feel free to use your hotel dayroom as a temporary office and enjoy hotel business facilities. Nobody will bother you and you’ll be able to reach that deadline in no time. Arrive at your next business meeting feeling relaxed and pay up to 75% less for your dayroom compared to an overnight stay!

Dayrooms as a temporary office

Traveling for business? Book you hotel room for a day …


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Dayrooms at London Heathrow Airport

Take a refreshing shower after a long haul flight and prepare for the next meeting.


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What is the meaning of day use?

Hotels sell their unused rooms during the day. Hotel rooms for day-use have …

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Can you book a hotel room for a stay during the day?

Hotels offer their unused rooms during the day. You can …

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