Travelling with kids

How dayrooms can be a lifesaver for parents

Long layovers at the airport, flight delays and missed connecting flights can range from unpleasant to a downright nightmare when travelling with kids … Whether at London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt Airport, Brussels International Airport, Sydney Airport or Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International - our partner airport hotels are delighted to welcome you and your family for your short but sweet daystay.

Comfort, fun and relaxation

Book your hotel room during the day at (or near) the airport of your choice. Why? First of all, a hotel room for dayuse is way more relaxing than any seat at the airport and thus a better way to start or end your vacation. Most of our partner hotels offer family rooms tailored to your needs. Take a relaxing shower after your long-haul flight, let the kids take a nap or play in a safe, comfortable environment and just recharge those parent batteries. You’ll thank us for it later!

Family-friendly service

A daystay at one of our partner hotels at the airport will be the perfect solution for your next family vacation. Your kids will be happy to have a chance to relax and you and your partner can start off your holiday relaxed too. One more tip: while booking a dayroom at your airport hotel is a great start for those dull and tiring pre-flight moments, don’t forget to download some movies and games to entertain your little ones during the flight!