5 reasons why your next trip should be a daycation

Looking for a place to relax and unwind? Look no further than DAYROOMS.com! Here are our top 5 reasons why your next one-day-vacation can already be scheduled for as soon as tomorrow:

  1. There are so many trendy hotels close by. And guess what? They too offer rooms during the day to tourists just like you. Have a little city trip in your own city and enjoy some well-deserved time off!
  2. Booking a hotel room during daytime hours will give you that true holiday feeling, all in a single day. Extra bonus? Your ecological travel footprint will be close to 0,00 % CO2. Because you love the climate and we love you too!
  3. Saturdays are perfect for saunas and stress-free moments. Don’t you agree? You will after you book yourself a spa day at one of our many wellness hotels. Book a treatment and let it profoundly nourish, relax and transform you. Day-use hotels make it possible!
  4. A daycation is a day filled to the brim with joy. After all, what can be more joyful than spending a day in bed with a book, some magazines or your laptop? Regain your work/life/zen balance, check into a dayroom and discard the daily humdrum.
  5. Is the winter blues getting you down? Book a dayroom at one of our splendid partner hotels with pool facilities. Your daylet offers so many ways to relax - it will be your special feel good getaway.