Inspiration for travelers

How many miles have you travelled this year, and how many more are still to come? As a frequent flyer, you are aware of flight delays, missed connecting flights and - of course – those pesky long layovers. Have you ever found yourself counting the hours you wasted at various airports? Then a dayroom is the right solution for you!

Stop wasting time – enjoy it instead

No more time spent in waiting rooms at the airport. No more powernaps on a park bench during your citytrip. Remember - we are travel addicts too. That’s why we created this platform and offer up our expertise to you. To get you started, here’s some inspiration for your next trip. Find out about our day-use hotels worldwide. 

Enjoy reading and keep on discovering the world!

Travelling with kids

Here’s how dayrooms can be a lifesaver for parents

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5 reasons why your next trip should be a daycation

Looking for a place to relax and unwind? Look no further than

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Can I check out of a hotel the same day?

This is the question that kick-started our journey to become To make a long story short - yes, you can! If you are looking for …

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Is it possible to rent a hotel room by the hour?

Booking a hotel room for just an hour is of course very short, but thanks to, it’s no longer impossible. Our partner hotels set their own check-in and check-out times for their day rooms. Some of them offer …

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